Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update on 4th and Campbell Spending

Hi Folks
I have been asking some questions, and from what I can divine it sounds like staff are driving the Fourth street debacle forward arguing that the RMI money can only be spent within highly specific parameters. I have no issue with this argument so long as council makes sure that what staff is feeding then is, in fact, the only version of the truth.

Tofino staff cost the taxpayers of our province the better part of a million dollars over Yewwood because they did not have all their facts sorted out, and did not bother to check their work.
How RMI money can actually be spent would be worthy of an independent opinion. I have found that few things in life are carved in stone when one has a viable alternative, and one makes the effort to have the rules changed or adjusted.

Before you spend this mountain of money please make sure that this spend goes down as a truly smart decision and not another debacle like our almost roundabout.
George Smith

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Ralph Tieleman said...

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George I agree with you. I think staff are pushing this so some can further their careers and add to their resumes. I was at the RMI $ meetings and there were no cluster of red dots on improving 4th and Campbell. I believe those meetings were a waste of time and the local government had already decided what the money was going to spent on. 

They plan to make a mess of the main intersection in September which is a month for most of us to make $. They do not plan to pave Gibson Street which is apparently going to be our access into town. What about the cars from Shelter and the condos that all park down both sides of the road. You have to drive down the middle to get down the street. What about the construction on that corner? School is back on in September and most kids use that road to walk to school. I think there is bad planning to push this project through and the community does not back this at all. I also think they can tweak the money usage - they just need to ask. I really hope the members of council start asking questions and looking into this before we make a big mistake. 

Ralph Tieleman said...

I was also at the RMI meetings and there was no proposition to rebuild Fourth and Campbell.It wasn't mentioned until it showed up in the consultant's presentation.