Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mayor and Council turn down joint use agreement with School !!!

The Corporation of the District of Tofino
For Immediate Release
District of Tofino Mayor and Council met with the Minister of Education this week at the 2011 Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Convention in Vancouver where they discussed the Joint Use Agreement between School District #70 and the District of Tofino for community use of the school and grounds.
This agreement remains unsigned as Mayor and Council have some key outstanding concerns that they would like to see addressed prior to executing the agreement.
At this time, the District is unable to administer any applications for use of the gymnasium. For more information on facility use please contact School District #70 in Port Alberni directly at 250.723.3565.
Media Contact
The District of Tofino

We don't have a lot of recreational facilities'd think Mayor and Council could work out something with the School District so that the kids can use the gym !! Please remember this at election time !!!
UPDATE ! One councilor refused to comment on the agreement as he said it was an "in-camera issue"...
Update ! another councilor has stated that negotiations are underway.....
I seem to recall that they were underway more than ten years ago !!
Why the secrecy ??? I'll be filing an FOI for correspondence regarding this issue first thing in the morning !!!

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