Sunday, February 20, 2011

Subsidized Social Housing Spending continues Feb. 20, 2011

A public hearing is scheduled for 9 am on Feb. 22,2011 to address concerns regarding the rezoning of DL 114 for subsidized social housing. The District of Tofino has already squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars on this fiasco but they won't lay it to rest.Consultant after consultant has ridden the affordable housing gravy train and they aren't done yet....while vacancy rates rise and real estate values drop council blindly stumbles along the path of subsidized housing.....
In larger cities with huge tax bases this is a practical solution to housing needs but here it doesn't make sense,especially a mega-project in an unserviced district lot.....When the "Special Projects Coordinator" Roberta Martell looked at alternatives to developing DL 114 she soon found herself on the outs with the District administration.....The District has "target fixation" on DL 114 much like Glen Clark did with the "Fast Ferries" and the Federal Liberals with their multi-billion dollar gun registry.
The question is what other benefits will arise from the servicing of DL114 ?? If you have an adjoining property the benefits of servicing and access would be immense.....
Let's hope this council doesn't bankrupt the town before the election in November.

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