Monday, August 23, 2010

Auditor's report !! August 23,2010

District staff refused to let TofinoNews see the Auditor's report today.....they cited that the report was received at an "in-camera" meeting and thus must remain secret....I'll try again tomorrow or the next day. It is very important that this document be made public as it is with the Provincial and Federal Auditor General's reports.....the whole concept of the audit process is to make public any problems that might need to be addressed !!! You may recall on August 19,2010 BC Auditor General John Doyle brought down a scathing report on the BC Liberal's financial reporting....he stated that the "government has not followed Generally Accepted Accounting Practices"
One wonders what council is trying to keep secret in this Auditor's report.....I will have an update on this story soon unless I am forced to make a "Freedom of Information " request in which case it will take at least six weeks......I was recently refused an FOI with the District citing third party privacy....instead of getting a document that had any third party information removed,the document was withheld altogether !!!

The public BC Auditor General's reports can be found at
The public Federal Auditor General's reports can be found at

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