Wednesday, July 14, 2010

even more sewer grant stuff July 14,2010

from the sewer grant application:
"Phase 2 of the project will include Integrated Resource Management to generate heat and electricity from wastewater treatment,will consider anaerobic digestion of wet ,organic waste in combination with biosolids(to generate biodiesel/biogas) and will consider reduction/gasification of solid wastes (including digested biosolid residue and wood residue from logging and land clearing(hog fuel) to generate energy and heat."
"Phase 1 of this project will recover heat from a proposed sewer lift station and will use this heat to offset heating costs in proposed Fire Hall and RCMP public buildings. Solar hot water heating will be explored to offset some of the remaining energy costs. Although only considered in preliminary form at this time, the opportunity to generate energy from a future turbine installed in the outfall pipe of the proposed Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will be considered together with opportunities to generate heat,biofuels and electricity from the Phase 2 of the project that will include design,construction and commissioning of the future STP."

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